Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thing 23

This has been a difficult exercise. Copyright can be so confusing and intimidating. I think that is why so many people opt to ignore it. The short videos really helped me understand the idea behind Creative Commons. I had heard the term before, but did not really know how to search for items with Creative Commons licensing. I know feel like a whole new world of resources is available for me to use in preparing research for my classes and options for posting on the library website. I also like the theory of CC. In one of the videos it talked about standing on the shoulders of your peers. That creators are able to allow others to take their creations and build-upon them and share them, is just a wonderful collaborative community. I feel like this is the basis of most of Web 2.0. Collaboration is made easier through CC and much of Web 2.0 revolves around making a more integrated community. As I searched the creative commons area, I found a picture I wanted to post, but I am not sure how the attribution from Flickr would work. So I will be looking further into how to handle that aspect of CC. I still have much to learn and understand. I enjoyed the Disney video and found it an entaining way to cover copyright.

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learninglou said...

I to feel that copyright is hard to understand and a bit confusing, but this was a delightful way to present it. Hopefully, we are better informed.