Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thing 11

LibraryThing has been fun to explore. I loved that I can input my books and find other books that I might like or that I might need to avoid. Zeitgeist was fun to use and I already found several books to add to my to read list. I found it fun to be able to give reviews/opinions on books and to read other people's thoughts. You do really have to watch for "spoilers" if you have not read the book yet. As the books are discussed, any and all plot points may be shared. I think it would be nice to introduce some of the older and more mature readers at my school to the site. There are a few sixth graders that I can't keep in enough books, so they might enjoy browsing the site. I haven't seen a way to use it with the majority of my students, but many of the teachers would probably enjoy the site and the opportunity to share their personal libraries. The discussion forums and groups cover so many diverse areas that everyone should be able to find a place to feel comfortable to either observe or join. Here is the link to My Library Thing page

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