Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thing 12

This has truly been the hardest task so far. I really spent a lot of time looking around and exploring before deciding how comfortable I felt establishing pages on myspace, facebook and ning. It is hard to know how much info to share and how much to keep private. I felt overwhelmed by myspace. There are so many ways to customize and share on the site. I can really see the attraction it holds for teenagers. I would have been thrilled to have it available to me at that age. At this point in my life, it does not hold the same excitement. I am glad I now have some idea what the site is all about and how the social networking is used by others. Faceboook did not seem as overwhelming. It seemed to have a more mature theme over all, but it is the site I searched the least, so maybe I need to just keep looking. I really like ning. I liked that the groups are more focused. There seems to be more of a purpose. I found several other librarian-related groups. I want to look further to see what else I might find. I'm not sure I would set up my own group or not. This is the only site I can see any use for in the library. I thought you could possibly set up book a discussion group or a book club. It would offer the members a chance to discuss at their convenience. All in all I am not sure that I will maintain my facebook or myspace accounts for long. They really seem to be time consuming, but I will keep them awhile. I might be turned on to their value at some point. At this time I can not really see any way of using them in my library and I worry that many parents might see it that I would be encouraging something they are trying hard to monitor.

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