Monday, January 21, 2008

Thing 17

Zoho Writer is very user friendly. Creating a document was as simple as any word processing  program I have ever used. I also loved the idea of not dealing with compatibility issues. I began using Vista as soon as it came out and I am still having problem at times with my Office documents being compatible for everyone. If I used Zoho, that would not be an issue. I also think being able to easily edit and add to the same document within a group is a great feature. Distance collaborations take so much time with e-mailing documents back and forth and Zoho would eliminate much of that hassle. The writer is the only part of Zoho I looked at too much, but already I want to share it with students and teachers. I am going to attempt to post this document, created with Zoho, into my blog. We will see how it goes...

The above part of my blog was created and published from Zoho. It was as simple as a few key strokes. I tried to use the comment bubble on Zoho and I obviously couldn't get it right. It kept causing the site to freeze. I would have to totally leave the internet and then return. I will need to play some more with it I guess. I like the idea of the comment bubble, especially for helping students to edit their work.

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