Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thing 21

I think I might have been a little disappointed in this thing. I have heard so much about podcasts, but I wasn't as impressed with the availability. I am sure it is like many other items on the web, it takes a lot of searching to find things you truely enjoy. The searching was the problem for me. It was quite time consuming. Even after I found a podcast that sounded interesting, many times they would not download or the download was very slow, from every computer I tried. I also could not find a way to know before hand how long the podcast was or the content of the podcast. I guess I am used to quick, esy searching, and the podcast did not seem to offer that. It made causual browsing hard.The EPN directory seemed to give me the most difficulty, but it also was the site where I found some useful podcasts. I am glad I know a little more about podcasts and I am sure I will hear much more in the future, but I'm not sure I will attempt to create my own any time soon. I found one technology podcast, and I have added the RSS feed to my side bar. I found the topics to be simple an easy to follow and understand.

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