Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thing 13

I really like social bookmarking. It took me a while to explore, but I relly like the idea of storing all my book mark in one place. I constantly search my marked sites on one computer, just to realize it is marked on another. I want to be able to access them from any computer, school, homme, laptop, etc. The tagging is a good idea also, even though I feel like it will take me some practice to tag in a way that is useful to me. I think I second guess the tag too much instead of just going with my first inclination. I really like being able to access the sites others are tagging. Many times at the computer I can't seem to locate websites that others find. This will give me another way to find what I might want to see or need. I think it will really help as I research from home and school. I will not have to continually e-mail myself the useful sites back and forth. I can just add them to one site and have them at my fingertips anytime. I am not sure that I would use it directly with my elementary students, simply because of the time involved in teaching them about it. I think it would be good for them, since many times they are in the middle of research when their computer lab time is up. This would allow them to pick right back up from home, the public library or in the classroom, without losing the useful sites. I might have to look into trying it with one sixth grade class and see how it works.I think this "thing" will be one I will use quite a bit.

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