Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thing 6

The Flickr Mashups "thing" has been fun. It was quite time consuming to explore so many interesting and fun ideas. Some I couldn't really see any use for right now, but several will be fun on both a personal and school level. It took me quite a while to figure out how to access pictures I already have saved to create a mosaic, but when I finally figured it out, it was very simple. I just wasn't giving it enough time to upload my photos. I also still like the magazine cover. I would like to use both of these with students on campus. I am going to make magazine covers to post in the library of my helpers to advertise all their hard work. I can also see using them to advertise books students have read or goals they have accomplished. The trading cards would be fun to use and possibly list all the Bluebonnet books a students has read as their achievements. I think it would be fun to make trading cards of teachers listing their reading likes and dislikes. The students might get a kick out of reading about the teachers on a more personal, friendly level.

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