Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thing 8

RSS and newsreaders was something very new to me. I love using the feeds. I used Google Reader and it was very easy to locate and manage my list. I found items about book reviews, libraries and current news links. I was also able to satisfy my personal interest in travel. It is so nice to be able to go to one location to catch up on everything. The only problem might be in adding too many feeds. I think on both a personal and professional level it allows me to keep track of current items that will support my work and life. I can see using them in the library to keep current on books and materials through reviews and professional journals. I would like for students to also know more about them. I think anytime we can make students more computer friendly, then they will come to utilize technology in more areas of their life. Social Studies teachers, in particular, will find it great for providing the most current of events to enhance their curriculum. Just like the students, anytime we can help teachers find user friendly technology, it will benefit the school's technology usage.

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