Monday, November 26, 2007

Thing 5

Originally uploaded by Mor (bcnbits)
I love this photo! I vividly remember standing right in that spot. This is the picture I wish I could take! Flickr has been a lot of fun, but I have really had to work to get this photo here. It really takes a lot of trial and error. I had fun playing with the Flickr Toys. I think posting some fun photos on the library home page might generate more interest. I liked both the magazine feature and the speech bubble feature. It would be fun to create posters of students with speech bubbles to promote favorite books. I think it might generate interest since students look to each other for reading recommendations. They could also be used to reward younger readers as they reach milestones on their reading abilities. When they can read the book, they are able to make a poster promoting it. I hope to use them in the future. As for the Flickr site, it is great for my personal photos, but I really loved looking at other's photos. I am an arm-chair traveler/wanna-be photographer, so I loved looking at photos from around the world.

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