Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thing 9

Locating feeds can be overwhelming because of the many feeds available. I found the Google Blog Search very easy to use, but I'm not sure it provided me with as many options as other search tools. I found several options under any search I performed, but when searching through Technorati and Syndic8, there seemed many more options. I found that through the two previously mentioned sites, there were many more that were not of the highest quality or content. Maybe because there were so many more options to search through, I found the two sites overwhelming. Feedster is down for some upgrading, so I will check it out later. I really liked Topix because of the way it was categorized and it was visually appealing to me. I found several new celebrity gossip feeds as well as news in other categories that I liked. Overall, I thought Syndic8 was the most confusing. Technorati had a tutorial that helped a little, but I was not very successful using Syndic8. The easiest to use was Google Blog Search or I went to sites I have enjoyed in the past and copied the URL into Google Reader. That has been very easy and successful for me. The hardest part continues to be scaling down the feeds into the ones I would truly enjoy on a day to day basis, and weeding out some of the feeds found through the general searches.

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