Monday, November 26, 2007

Thing 4

I can see many ways to use a blog on my campus in communicating with both students and faculty. I can see that it is a quick way to share information with teachers and get their input. We could collaborate through the blog when planning research or projects. I like being able to see feed back on my ideas and thoughts. I think with students it would be a great way to communicate exciting new books in the library. I think more students would respond to a book discussion blog, than maybe would to a face to face discussion. The thought would be that the blog might spur others to read more so they could join the discussion. Or it might be a great way for students to share quick book reviews & opinions with each other. Other students might like the fact that they could sit back and follow the blog, without having to participate. I think the more I use the blog, the more ways I will see that it can be used.

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